The Detective is a role in TBT Mafia. They can speak and vote, and have additional abilities.


Detective are able to message the host once per night to find out the role or alignment of a player. These results can be affected by a Framer.


This role has a few modifiers:

  • Alignment cops are able to find out if the player is town-aligned, mafia-aligned, or third-party-aligned.
  • Role cops are able to find out the exact role name of a player.
  • Parity cops must inspect the first day. On the next inspection, they find out if the player inspected is the same alignment as the next player. On subsequent inspections, they find out if the player inspected is the same alignment as the previously inspected player.
  • Insane cops are able to find out the opposite alignment of a player.
  • Day cops can be any of the above, but perform inspections during the day.
  • Paranoid cops only receive mafia results.
  • Naive cops only receive town results.
  • Stoned cops only receive third-party results.
  • Neapolitan cops only can check if a person is Townie or not.


The Detective role was featured in the following games:




  • Currently none.



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