To do an action, do the following: /msg MafiaTBT ability name - If your role is one with an ability, the bot will tell you what you enter in at the ability parameter. In the name parameter, enter the name of the person that you wish to use the ability on. For example, if you are trying to kill someone as mafia, the following should be entered: /msg MafiaTBT mafiakill Jubs.

Meta abilitiesEdit

  • copy [player] [new target] - Copies a player's ability and chooses a new target
  • release - Al actions you have delayed take effect
  • cancel - Actions you delay are forgotten and can never be used
  • makehidden/shield [player] - Make a player untargetable for one night
  • hide - Make yourself untargetable for one night
  • bus/superbus/mimic [player1] [player2] - All actions that target player 1 will target player 2, and vice versa
  • reflectshield [player] - Give a player the ability to reflect any actions on them that night
  • trigger [player] - Does something depending on the target's role.
  • delay [player] - Delays a player's actions until the next night. The target is not informed of this.
  • block [player] - Roleblocks a player
  • randomize [player] - Changes the target of another player's actions to a random other target
  • chaos - Night actions have a 50% chance of affecting a random target
  • redirectkill [player1] [player2] - Makes player 1's kill action target player 2.
  • redirect [player1] [player2] - Makes player 1's action target player 2.


  • protect [player] - Gives immunity to a player for a single kill action for the night.
  • superprotect [player] - Gives total immunity to a player for all kills, even if their role prevents protection.
  • guard [player] - Guard a player against attacks. If they would be killed, you die instead.


  • message [player] - Sends a specific message to another player.
  • announce [player] - Makes an announcement.
  • clearphaseaction - Lets you use a second action during the phase.


  • morph [player] - Turns you into a perfect copy of another live player's role, but does not change alignment.
  • channel [player] - Turns you into a perfect copy of a dead player's role, but does not change alignment.
  • transform - You get a new role.
  • transform [player] - The target gets a new role.
  • buddy [player] - You can become "buddies" with the chosen player.
  • giveability/gif [player] - Gives a random ability to a player.
  • copyabilityto [player] [recipient] - Gives a player the ability used by another player.
  • copyability [player] - Gives you the ability a player uses
  • steal [player] - Steals an ability from a player
  • stealdead [player] - Steals an ability from a deadplayer.
  • stealitem [player] - Steals an item from another player.
  • swap [player1] [player2] - Swaps two players roles, but not their alignment.
  • psych [player] - Converts player into a normal Townie if they are a Serial Killer
  • curse [player] - Curses another player
  • mark [player] - Sets a mark on a player.
  • unmark [player] - Clears a mark on a player.
  • recruit/enslave [player] - Recruits a player to your cult. If you die, they die.
  • superrecruit [player] - Recruits a player to your cult, but they don't die if you die.
  • mutate [player] - Mutates a player to a random role, but not their team.
  • selfmutate - Change your role.
  • infect [player] - Infect a player with a disease.
  • silentinfect [player] - Infect a player with a disease but they are not told this.
  • transformother [player] - Transform another player to a new role and possibly team.
  • evolve [player] - Transform another player to a more advanced form.
  • restore [player] - Restores a player to their original role, but not if they are culted.

Vote modificationEdit

  • subvote [player] - Takes away a player's vote for the next day.
  • addvote/motivate [player] - Add an extra to a player's vote for the next day.
  • proclaim [player] - Gives a player an extra vote for the day.
  • forcevote/command [player] [victim] - Forces a player to vote for a victim. The player cannot change their vote.

Status modificationEdit

  • poison [player] - Kills a player over two turns.
  • disablebase [player] - Disables a player's abilities.
  • winonlynch [player] - Sets it so your win condition is achieved if you lynch the player.
  • prime [player] - Douses a player in gasoline, killing them when ignite action is performed.
  • stun [player] - The next action with a timed recharge that the target takes has its recharge time doubled.
  • antidote [player] - Cures a poisoned player.
  • defuse [player] - Defuses a timebomb on another layer.


  • friend [player] - Sends a player a message saying what team you are on.
  • pardon [player] - If the chosen player is lynched today, they return to life.
  • reload - Gives you full charges on limited use abilities
  • charge - Increase the damage of your next attack.
  • safeclaim - Gives you a safeclaim.


  • suicide - kills yourself
  • suicidebomb [player] - Kills another player and yourself.
  • possess [player] - Kills you but lets the target join your team
  • decult/convert [player] - Removes a player from the game if they are a cultist
  • kill [player] - Kills a player
  • doom [player] - Raises a doom level. When the doom level is high enough, they can be killed.
  • attack [player] - Raises a damage level. When the damage level is high enough, they can be killed.
  • nuke [player] - Kills the target and damages everybody else.
  • mafiakill [player] - Kills another player.
  • superkill [player] - Kill a player bypassing protection
  • timebomb [player] - Kills another player after a delay.
  • reverseprotect [player] - Reverses a doctor protection on a player
  • shoot [player] - Shoot a player in Ready-Aim-Fire
  • rock/paper/scissors - Actions in Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • ignite - Kills all primed players.
  • apocalypse - Kills random players.
  • truthsay - Prevent players from dying to doomspeakers or banshees.


  • resurrect [player] - Brings another player back from the dead.


  • frame [player] - Makes a player show up as mafia to any inspections that night.
  • clear [player] - Makes a player show up as town to any inspections that night.
  • destroybody [player] - Prevents a dead player from being revived or autopsied.
  • autopsy [player] - Find out who killed another player.
  • watch [player] - Determine whether a player used a night action.
  • track [player] - Determines the target of a player's night action.
  • patrol [player] - Tells you who targeted the chosen player.
  • inspect [player] - Tells you the other player's alignment. Might not be accurate
  • inspectrole [player] - Tells you the player's role.
  • census - Tells you how many of each alignment are alive.
  • eavesdrop/psi [player] - You receive copies of each message a player receives.

Random actionsEdit

  • mup [player] - Randomly protects, investigates or kills a player.
  • hack [player] - Randomly blocks, redirects, or copies a player's action.

Combined actionsEdit

  • isolate [player] - Blocks a player and protects them from kills
  • kill2 [player1] [player2] - Kills two players.
  • abduct [player] - Abducts a player, blocking their action and preventing them from being targeted.
  • negate [player] - Blocks a player's action and prevents them from voting
  • reveal/[pry [player] - Determines another player's alignment and reveals your alignment to them
  • detmaterialize - Prevents night actions from targeting you and prevents you from voting the next day
  • reanimate [player] - Brings another player back from the dead, and recruits them to your side.
  • reincarnate [player] - Brings a player back from the dead and gives them a new role.
  • raise [player] - Returns a player from the dead in exchange for your life.
  • takevote/stealvote [player] - Steals a vote from another player and gives it to you
  • absorb/consume [player] - Kills another player and steals an ability.
  • replicate [player] - Kills another player and turns you into a copy of them.
  • trick [player] - Switches a player's role with another player, and kills them.
  • drain [player] - Kills another player and gives you a random ability.
  • eradicate [player] - Kills another player despite protection, and prevents them from returning to life.
  • disable - Removes a player's abilities.
  • cpr [player] - If someone tries to kill the target, they survive. If not, they die.
  • wail [player] - Roleblocks the player and increases their doom level.
  • exorcise [player] - If the player is a cultist, they die. If not, they return to their original role.
  • defile [player] - Destroys a dead player's corpse, and gives one of their abilities.
  • exchange [player] - Exchanges your role with another player.
  • attract [player] - Changes the target of the player's action to yourself
  • salvage: Gives you a random one-shot night ability
  • karma/halfkarma [player] - Copies another player's night action to yourself.
  • randomizeall - Randomizes all night actions for that night.
  • blockall - Blocks all night actions overnight.
  • giftall - Gifts all players a random ability.
  • sacrifice - You die, but all other kills are prevented.
  • irradiate - All players receive new roles at random
  • randomkill - Kills a random player
  • shuffle - Exchanges two random players roles.
  • cheat - Learn the role PM of a random role in the set-up
  • shadow - You show up as town to investigations and you can't be killed unless two players target you in the same phases.
  • killresist - You can't be killed unless two players target you in the same phases.
  • extravote - You receive an extra vote each day.
  • mystery [player] - You don't know what this does.
  • special [player] - This does something special.

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