TBT Nub Mafia VI: Steven Universe was the sixth game in the Nub game series on The Bell Tree. It was a semi-open set-up. Voting was done here. A list of player post counts can be found here.

This game started on June 19 2016 and ended on June 29 2016.

Game mechanicsEdit

  • Out of thread communication: No
  • Voting: Plurality
  • WotC: No
  • Replacements: Yes (Until Day 3)
  • Coaches: Yes
  • Observer Chat: Yes
  • Time Cycle (day/night): 48/24
  • Items: No
  • Wills: No
  • Other: N/A

Day and nightEdit

The following are the day and night posts:

Voting resultsEdit

  • Day One
  • Day Two
  • This game did not have a voting result for Day Day Three.
  • This game did not have a voting result for Day Day Four.


The following roles were featured in this game:





The following players signed up as coaches, with their trainees listed below them:


No player was a victim of Wisdom of the Crowd this game.


No player signed up for replacements this game.


The following users signed up to observe:



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